#SiliconValley2009: Dave McMurtry Loomia and

FUNKENSPRUNG Silicon Valley discovery tour 2009 – day 1: The program for today finsihed with Dave McMurtry, Director, Co-Founder, Loomia and He gave us detailed insight on his 2 ventures (one business oriented, one non profit). We talked a lot about the right setup of your team, the board and the funding rounds and what he regards as the key essential levers for starting and keeping a venture at speed.

He also shared his experiences from micro loand. He just arrived in SF from a 2 months customer deep dive in Lybia and the impact such micro loans can have on the people in this country. His service is a very smart and effektive donation site engaging the donors with the entrepreneurs. pls check it out and start your own micro venture capital ventures!


#SiliconValley2009: Swissnext

FUNKENSPRUNG Silicon Valley discovery tour 2009 – day 1: the future of diplomacy (as the Swiss Consulate titled this venture) is located in San Francisco and serves as a business/ innovation hub for swiss companies and US. companies. Actually it reminded me of what the ONE Smart Spaces back in 2003/ 2004 could have reached to (besides not be located in San Fran.) It calls itself not an „business incubator“ (they are not breeding) but more as an accelerator and „connecting the dots“. They offer open and closed events, they foster a well selected network of entrepreneurs, companies and VCs. For Swiss start ups they offer temporary offices and business services.

So what about Austria?

Eric Schmidt on technology, innovation & the global economy


Some interesting statements:

Eric Schmidt speaks at a forum jointly hosted by Google and the Pittsburgh Technology Council on September 23, 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are looking forward to visit Google next week in Mountain View!

How Facebook Copes with 300 Million Users

VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer reveals the tricks that keep the world’s biggest social network going.


wufoo.tiff – Simple to use web form builder.

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?


„Facebook and others have tapped into the power of viral loops to build massive audiences in record time. Now they’re using these growth engines to create the future of online advertising.“

Recommended article by ADAM L. PENENBERG, Fast

McKinsey conversations with global leaders: John Chambers of Cisco


The CEO and chairman of Cisco Systems explores approaches to decentralized management and leadership and also offers perspective on the future of Web technology and the opportunity that an economic downturn provides for strategically minded companies.

Full video and transcript

Radical Paradigm Shifts

This great cartoon was posted on Facebook yesterday – creator unknown. Something to laugh and seriously reflect about.


Vodafone is taking the lead


As one of the first Telecom companies, Vodafone is trying to open up and take a big leap towards Enterprise 2.0 design. They streamed their last press conference, announcing their new „Generation Upload“ marketing campaign, into the net, allowing users to leave more than 2100 live comments.

Lot’s of cheering, but also very critical voices. Thumbs up for Vodafone to take this brave step and start learning.

I just met another large company today who told me that they decided against a social networking feature on their new web portal because they were fearing negative customer response and bad public reputation. Dealing with this topic requires a lot of thinking and careful planning – but you need to realize, that you are heavily loosing speed compared to new radicals who grew up online and see crowd sourcing and communities as an opportunity, not a threat. Start learning now!

Google Chrome OS


On it’s blog Google announced a new Operating System as an extension of it’s Chrome Browser – fast, simple, secure – based on open source.

The community’s opinion is polarized:

A) Finally the market for Operating Systems increases in dynamics again and products become more user friendly.

B) Google on it’s way to total digital control.

In any case, a lot of implications and scenarios to be seen.

We will be visiting Google Headquarters in Mountain View again this October.