#SiliconValley2009: Facebook – or: you cannot clone google

We had the chance to have a meeting at facebook and to get some insights on facebook. The office is great – fresh design and a very smart working environment. They do offer a lot of benefits to their employes – quite comparable to google. They gave us a tour through the headquarter and we had the chance to talk to people of different departments. Everything was hip, cool and trendy – and so much fun. But still there was something missing – most probably something like a „soul“. why? Most of the culture was copied from google (free food, open space working, relaxing zones, laundry, ….) but they missed out on the central points of this concept: it is much more than free stuff, google has thoroughly designed human capital mechanism and built it on core values that are visible in many ways. That helped google to rise from a small startup up to the international enterprise tey are now. I doubt facebook will be able to imitate google on the human capital DNA.