How Facebook Copes with 300 Million Users

VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer reveals the tricks that keep the world’s biggest social network going.



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How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?


„Facebook and others have tapped into the power of viral loops to build massive audiences in record time. Now they’re using these growth engines to create the future of online advertising.“

Recommended article by ADAM L. PENENBERG, Fast

Vodafone is taking the lead


As one of the first Telecom companies, Vodafone is trying to open up and take a big leap towards Enterprise 2.0 design. They streamed their last press conference, announcing their new „Generation Upload“ marketing campaign, into the net, allowing users to leave more than 2100 live comments.

Lot’s of cheering, but also very critical voices. Thumbs up for Vodafone to take this brave step and start learning.

I just met another large company today who told me that they decided against a social networking feature on their new web portal because they were fearing negative customer response and bad public reputation. Dealing with this topic requires a lot of thinking and careful planning – but you need to realize, that you are heavily loosing speed compared to new radicals who grew up online and see crowd sourcing and communities as an opportunity, not a threat. Start learning now!

Google Chrome OS


On it’s blog Google announced a new Operating System as an extension of it’s Chrome Browser – fast, simple, secure – based on open source.

The community’s opinion is polarized:

A) Finally the market for Operating Systems increases in dynamics again and products become more user friendly.

B) Google on it’s way to total digital control.

In any case, a lot of implications and scenarios to be seen.

We will be visiting Google Headquarters in Mountain View again this October.

How can enterprises leverage the Future Internet?


FUTURE CAPPUCCINO is an ‚invitation only‘ breakfast club which explores how enterprises can leverage the Future Internet.


– Specialist business think tank regarding Future Internet for enterprises

– Learning & international knowledge exchange with a strong business focus

– Collaboration with international experts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland, UK, US

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Obama’s Government 2.0 Approach


During his campaign for US presidency, Barack Obama has shown that he understands the smart use of Web 2.0 technologies when he was mobilizing millions of followers by using Twitter as a powerful communication platform. Since then his administration keeps pushing the use of all kinds Web 2.0 technologies in government context. Vivek Kundra, recently assigned Chief Information Officer of the Obama administration, invited the public to make sensible use of government data when launching The purpose of is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Tim O’Reilly, known for coining the term „Web 2.0“, Google and the Sunlight Foundation called for the „Apps for America“ prize in order to push the development of mash-ups.

The Internet has changed our private lifes, it just started to change the way corporates do business and it is turning whole industries upside down. It will be interesting to watch how it will change the way we experience politics and public administration – for sure in ways we can’t even imagine today.

Is eMail dead?


Google Programmierer Lars Rasmussen präsentiert bei der alljährlichen Google-Entwicklerkonferenz I/O einen Nachfolger der E-Mail, oder zumindest eine Software, die Google dafür hält.

Die Idee ist nicht neu, man darf trotzdem gespannt sein…

The Future Internet

I attended the Forum Semantic Systems 2009 yesterday in Vienna and was inspired by keynotes by Prof. Dr. John Domingue, President STI International, Open University, UK and Mag. Wernher Behrendt Msc, Salzburg Research. Issue adressed: the IP bottleneck which will have a significant impact on the Internet as we know it. So how could the Future Internet look like? This great Video brings it to the point.

By Bernhard Hoetzl

Creating a Culture of Innovation


W.L. Gore & Associates – we believe one of the outstanding companies in Management Innovation. Watch CEO Terri Kelly’s inspiring talk at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

By Bernhard Hoetzl