How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?


„Facebook and others have tapped into the power of viral loops to build massive audiences in record time. Now they’re using these growth engines to create the future of online advertising.“

Recommended article by ADAM L. PENENBERG, Fast


McKinsey conversations with global leaders: John Chambers of Cisco


The CEO and chairman of Cisco Systems explores approaches to decentralized management and leadership and also offers perspective on the future of Web technology and the opportunity that an economic downturn provides for strategically minded companies.

Full video and transcript

Honda’s New CEO Is Also Chief Innovator

honda logo.jpg

BusinessWeek: In an effort to stem its global slide, Honda introduces veteran engineer and R&D head Takanobu Ito to lead the automobile company.

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Radical Paradigm Shifts

This great cartoon was posted on Facebook yesterday – creator unknown. Something to laugh and seriously reflect about.


Vodafone is taking the lead


As one of the first Telecom companies, Vodafone is trying to open up and take a big leap towards Enterprise 2.0 design. They streamed their last press conference, announcing their new „Generation Upload“ marketing campaign, into the net, allowing users to leave more than 2100 live comments.

Lot’s of cheering, but also very critical voices. Thumbs up for Vodafone to take this brave step and start learning.

I just met another large company today who told me that they decided against a social networking feature on their new web portal because they were fearing negative customer response and bad public reputation. Dealing with this topic requires a lot of thinking and careful planning – but you need to realize, that you are heavily loosing speed compared to new radicals who grew up online and see crowd sourcing and communities as an opportunity, not a threat. Start learning now!

Six Smart Ways To Beat Information Overload


How to survive „Generation Upload“?

Part 1: Beating Information Overload.

Google Chrome OS


On it’s blog Google announced a new Operating System as an extension of it’s Chrome Browser – fast, simple, secure – based on open source.

The community’s opinion is polarized:

A) Finally the market for Operating Systems increases in dynamics again and products become more user friendly.

B) Google on it’s way to total digital control.

In any case, a lot of implications and scenarios to be seen.

We will be visiting Google Headquarters in Mountain View again this October.

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen


Hans Rosling, doctor, researcher and global health professor, is looking at some of the world’s most important statistics in a very exciting way.

How can enterprises leverage the Future Internet?


FUTURE CAPPUCCINO is an ‚invitation only‘ breakfast club which explores how enterprises can leverage the Future Internet.


– Specialist business think tank regarding Future Internet for enterprises

– Learning & international knowledge exchange with a strong business focus

– Collaboration with international experts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland, UK, US

Join the online discussion group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (futurecap).

Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity


A while ago I met Ray Kurzweil on a conference in Interlaken, Switzerland, and I was fascinated when talking to him about technology. Watch his great speech at TED Talks about singularity.