Pre-Order: Enterprise 2.0

Niall Cook’s greatly anticipated publication „Enterprise 2.0 – How social software will change the future of work“ (ISBN: 0 566 08800 2 | July 2008 | c. 180 pages | Hardback) is ready for pre-order:

Social software has taken the Internet by storm, fuelling huge growth in collaborative authoring platforms (such as blogs, wikis and podcasts) and social networking communities. These technologies have generated an unprecedented level of consumer participation and are finding their way inside organizations, officially and unofficially. It is therefore vital that businesses understand and embrace them as part of their own information and knowledge management strategies.

Enterprise 2.0 helps you navigate the emerging social software landscape and introduces you to the key concepts that make up ‘enterprise 2.0’. I explain how the culture of most companies will need to change as a result of the different ways of working that social software enables. The four Cs model at the heart of the book uses practical examples from some of the best-known companies in a range of industry sectors to illustrate how to apply these techniques to encourage communication, cooperation, collaboration and connection between employees and customers in your own company.

We think it might be worthwhile joining the Enterprise 2.0 Wiki and contributing to the discussion.

„Enterprise 2.0: How Social Software Will Change the Future of Work“ (Niall Cook)

By Bernhard Hoetzl


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